All baby birds should be fed for 12 hours daily (eg. 8 am to 8 pm).


Never feed birds tomatoes and potatoes (both are members of the Nightshade family and can be extremely toxic to birds), avocados, chocolate, or dairy products with the exception of cottage cheese (high in protein, high in minerals, negligible lactose) for softbills. Mynahs can also be given hard cheeses (parmesan, Romano) in limited quantities.


Most formulas should NOT be microwaved, as it will kill the probiotics in the mix. Made formula can be kept in the fridge for up to four hours (BE SURE TO WARM BEFORE GIVING TO A BABY) and if it isn't a hot day or house has air-conditioning, up to two hours (Important: doves should receive fresh formula each time they are fed).


The "belly" area (right in front of the vent) of all the birds listed here can be felt to determine whether or not more feed needs to be given. The area will protrude a bit like a round paunch but should not feel taut or stretched. Sometimes babies will ask for more when they are already full, Mejiros particularly, and if fed, may bring up food and aspirate. All of these birds have a tracheal (breathing) hole that is very noticeable when they gape; it is behind the tongue on the lower mandible (lower beak). Do NOT try to push the syringe down this hole, but rather put it behind the hole.