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Are you a U.S. Government Federal Employee?  Please donate to Wild Bird Rehab Haven as part of the COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN.  Our code is 80826 � you will need to write our number on your pledge form.  Thank you for supporting WBRH and the birds of Hawaii.

Welcome to Wild Bird Rehab Haven

Information provided on this website is derived from a variety of sources and is presented to assist in the care of wild birds. Avian rehabilitators are encouraged to have birds examined by, and to take the advice of, licensed veterinarians.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the public care for sick, injured and orphaned birds they have found.

Wild Bird Rehab Haven is seeking volunteers in many capacities. If your strength is to care for injured and orphaned birds, public speaking, education, aviary maintenance, animal husbandry specialist, etc., we need your help. Please contact us. Mahalo to the generous supporters and volunteers who make our work possible. On behalf of the birds, Mahalo Nui Loa!
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